Innovative Design Style (IDS) is a full service creative agency specializing in visual images for print and web. We target and identify design needs to produce innovative solutions that provide immediate recognition and competitively identify.

Athough we service and brand medium to large companies with established budgets, IDS also continues to advance as a high quality and affordable solution to small business owners who require signature design.

Signature DesignInnovative & Original
IDS is proud of the brands we’ve created and consider ourselves partners in our clients’ endeavors. We have a strong history of developing signature leadership design in various industries. Our clients and associates will attest that we are skilled strategists with a proven record of exceeding visual expectations.
Creative DirectionOversight & Development
IDS can provide creative direction or lead an existing creative team including copywriters, art directors and designers. We focus on keeping your creative goals on track, from idea conceptualization to launch, as well as providing implementation strategies for efficient developmental processes that create successful launches.
Project ManagementPlanning & Communication
We are well versed in the principles of planning, communication, control and working towards concise agreed upon goals and design accountabilities. IDS will facilitate multiple relationships within any project—whether with clients, team members, firm principals or any variety of partners—functioning as the hub of any creative project.

Creative Services Make An Impact. Create Recognition.

  • Event Flyers

    Are you promoting an event, product, sale or venue? Increase the effectiveness of your marketing and establish value in your customers minds. Digital and Print Flyers are available.

    Flyer Design

    Social Media Designs

    Great social media design makes your brand stand out. Custom social media designs for companies looking to enhance their presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, company blog, etc. 

    Social Media Design

    Logo Design

    A signature logo creates a unique identity, confirming your credibility and engaging target audiences visually through emotion. A logo is the forefront of your business and is imperative for both recognition and image purposes.

    Get Branded

    Retractable Banners

    Showcase your company information or personal message. Compact and easy to use, a retractable banner stand is an effective and attention grabbing marketing solution for any trade show or business event.

    Order A Banner

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IDS is your partner in design. Whether your organization is large or small, we have the tools and experience to make your project a success. We create and provide design and print solutions that meet your specific needs. You are part of the process!

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Design Feedback

You have such a great eye. Clean lines, dimensions, colors, contrasting, font choices; everything.
- Gwen Thompson
You interpreted my variation on your design BEYOND PERFECTION, and I am floored by how effortlessly you were able to do. Just know that I will be eternally grateful because THIS IS THE ONE, the beautiful mark that will follow me through the rest of my creative journey.
- Terri Meredith, TheILLESTrator
Impeccable work, R.Jenkins is truly the person to make contact with. Innovative Design Style's work speaks for itself. Every project has been masterful, whatever your vision, IDS will bring it to life.
- Denise Bethune, Editor-In-Chief P.E.A.S Magazine
Innovative Design Style makes it look so easy and allows me to breathe a big sigh of relief . . . repeatedly! I'm so glad that More Than Words ARB has turned over its branding, website creation and hosting as well as all social media designs to Innovative Design Style. (I highly recommend you do too; you'll thank me later.)
- Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
I really love the presentation of the video insertion...looks great. I'm really happy with the site in general, you are the site development guru!!! Thanks again.
- DeWayne Johnson Sr., Bolstered Bottom Line