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Vector Logo Design

Does your logo effectively represent your company and its strongest values?  

A logo creates a unique identity, confirming your credibility and engaging target audiences visually through emotion. A logo is the forefront of your business and is imperative for both recognition and image purposes. It's uses are endless which make creating the right logo a very important priority and recommended starting point when building your company image.

Your Image Is Our Focus

The logo design process requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as a clear understanding of the consumer or target group.

A signature logo gives your brand a professional image and creates a great impression and brand recall. This is one brand asset that you can fully control and leverage to create the right kind of impact on your potential customers and partners.

Your brand message is the pulse of your business.
Effective brand messages differentiate you from the majority of competitors and solidifies branding.
Vector Logo Design
Design Fee: $400.00
  • 30 Min Design Consult
  • Design Summary + Goals
  • Brand Color Palette (Hex#s + Pantone)
  • 2 Custom Logo Concepts
  • Up to 3 Rounds of Edits
  • Range of Logo Files for Print + Web
  • Book Now $200

Why Your Brand Needs a Vector Logo Design
Vector based images can be scaled by any amount without degradation of the image. This is essential with logo design since it will be used in a vast number of formats and variety of sizes. You want your logo to be look as crisp and clear on your outdoor billboard or trade show banner as it does on your business card.

Design Tip: A vector logo will be the most universally useful to you, your printers and other vendors. When working with a logo designer, be sure that your logo is being created in vector format and make sure you request the final vector files.

What Is Branding?

The single most important visual communication your company has.

The term brand identity often seems to have an illusive definition for those seeking ideas as to how they should go about establishing one. Successful brands have less to do with design than they do your message. Your message is a culmination of who you are as an individual, how you got to where you are or why you’re doing what you do. Consumers seek personal connections or something meaningful attached to the products they are buying.

Why Is Branding Important?
Branding will build a name and a message that consumers can buy into and trust. Defining your brand message is the most critical part of this development process. Brand messages should be clear and concise as well as targeted and specific.

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